About Us

Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come, echoed Victor Hugo and this can be likened to crypto-currencies with particular reference to their parent, BITCOIN.
Cointruce is founded on the principle of transparency, accountability and efficiency in delivering optimal service to its global users. We are a unique market place where you Exchange, Buy or Sell bitcoins with relative ease and you are supported by our seasoned professionals on a real time basis.
Bitcoin is the world most used crypto-currency with a market capital of over $290 billion and counting.


We have made Exchange of bitcoin, Buying and Selling of bitcoins very seamless. Our central account system completely takes away the activities of scammers who target individuals with their fake and doctored proof of payment under the decentralized trading system.
Our real time price feed and price chart straight from Bitcoin network called blockchainkeep you ahead in decision making and with those, you can never miss out on hot deals and will make no mistake. With our organized Exchange system which is as strong and sound like its western and Asian counterparts and our wallet system, we help you to own your own bank, manage it and safeguard it at all times.
We also always keep you abreast with the trending news on the bitcoin world through our blog and newsletters.


  • You get to learn from our FAQ on how best to manage your Cointruce account
  • You can become your own bank through our wallet account system
  • You have your privacy and top notch security of funds through our account verification package, and 2 Factor Authenticators.
  • You send funds to anywhere in the world in a millisecond yet at a relatively zero cost, especially to a Cointruce user through a registered email address.
  • You have a chance of making some extra cash from the volatile nature of bitcoin through our Cointruce Exchange platform
  • You get daily newsletters on bitcoins from all over the world to keep you attuned with decision making.
  • Above all, you are supported every step at a time through your Sign Up and account set up to Exchange etc. as you may wish
  • Impressum:

    We are a business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria since 2017.

    RC: 1438287

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