Account Verification

Your account is verified to enable you deposit as many amount as you would like in your fiat currency. However, there is no limit to an amount of bitcoins one receives or sends, or sells to Cointruce without the verification.
Unverified accounts would not be able to deposit beyond the set limit by the management of Cointruce. Currently, we have set about NGN10,000 as the limit of deposit for unverified accounts which is subject to change. Whereas, verified accounts could deposit as much as the user wishes.

Accounts are verified through:

  1. ID verification:

  2. Upload a scanned copy of either of these IDs; National ID card (front and back), Drivers License (front and back), or International Passport and or PVC(front and back).


Upload either of the required IDs.

Then, click on Start Verification to submit. The admin verifies your submitted IDs for authentication and verification or denial as the case may be.

Time Range for Verification:

  • Verification with IDs or documents, takes as little as 2 to 2 hours. If there is a reason for delay, the user MUST be notified before 24 hour mark elapses from the time of submission.

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