Payment Methods

Deposit Methods

  1. Online Banking/Mobile Bank App Transfers
  2. Credit card, Master card, Visa, Verve cards

Withdrawal Methods

  1. Direct Bank Transfers
  2. Paypal (coing soon)

Withdrawal periods

We credit user's Bank accounts within the following times:

  1. 8am to 9am
  2. 1pm to 2pm
  3. 4.30pm to 5.30pm on all working days
  4. 12pm on Saturdays

We have made the withdrawal window periods to be flexible enough to accommodate all our client's respective needs. We understand that you might need your fund in the early hours of the day, mid day and/or late hours of the day. This way, each day, you will always have multiple times to withdraw with these three periods.
Note that your withdrawals can still be processed within minutes, but the above schedules are mandatory to our staff to process your payments

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