This is an area we take very seriously and our Engineering department works tirelessly to fortify the system against impending threats. Security is of the utmost importance to the core value of Cointruce.

We have the following internal security features

  1. Browser Verification

  2. Cointruce has a browser verification feature which aids to protect your account from strange access which could be as a result of some hacker's dubious activities. This is an authentication process put in place with a singular purpose of securing your account. That is to say that as soon as you sign up or try to sign in to your account, a verification link is automatically sent to your inbox for browser verification and account authentication. Should you at any other time wish to access your account from a different browser, be it of the same device or not, access to your account would be restricted till the browser is duly verified.

  3. Activity Log Display

  4. Any single action taken on each account is documented in the Activity log under "my account"for privacy sake.
    It is worthy to note that an ip address of each sign in or respective actions on the account is always displayed for user's observation and veting. This history is housed under My Account in a more detailed way.

  5. Sign in Notification

  6. Each time you sign in to your account, our system takes record of the sign in date, and time and displays it right on your dashbopard. Should you later sign out and sign back in, it will inform you of the last time your account was signed in. This is another security tip Cointruce has deployed in order to keep your account safe for you alone.

  7. Passwords / 2 Factor Authentication

  8. You are strongly advised to make your chosen password as sophisticated as possible.

    Please, DO NOT use the same password as your transaction PIN. Your PIN serves as your 2 Factor Authentication, thus a duplicity of such can weaken your account's security, thus exposing your funds to risk. We will deploy more 2 factor authentication soon.

    Note that a PIN is required to be set compulsorily upon sign up on account update.

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