Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments on your Website Today!

Become a Cointruce merchant and receive payments in BTC from your customers on your websites and receive funds straight to your bitcoin wallet or your local currency instantly. Your money remains complete even in the midst of bitcoin price volatility.

How It Works

Step 1, Integrate Cointruce merchant API on your website/shopping-cart
Step 2, Your customer chooses to pay in BTC with Cointruce
Step 3, An invoice is automatically generated at a fixed exchange rate
Step 4, Your customer transfers total amount in BTC to a displayed bitcoin address
Step 5, When settled, Cointruce ludges the bitcoin into your wallet or exchanges the bitcoin into your local currency if prefered (refer to your account Merchant Settings to activate)

Cointruce Payment Features

Accept payments in Bitcoins

Receive payments in BTC from your customers and receive funds (local currency) straight to your wallet subject to your withdrawal request. You can choose to exchange your sale's revenues to your local currency instantly (ie. at the time your customer is paying for a product or service which eliminates the chance of a value loss.)
No need to worry about bitcoin price volatility! We've got it covered in our API, and your fund remains complete from the time of the transaction.
Isn't that amazing?

1% Transaction fee

No hidden commission or additional charges. Compare this to other payment methods and you can never be charged more than 0.001btc which amounts to not more than 2500 Nigerian Naira not withdstanding the volume of sales!

Simple & secure integration

It takes no time at all to start accepting bitcoin payments. Our API is easy to implement, and our team is here to make setup as effortless as possible.

Irreversible payments

Be free from the burden of chargebacks. Fraudulent customers are no longer a risk to be managed - refunds are only made when you, the merchant, approves them.

Pay-in and Pay-out

In addition to accepting payments from your customers, we make it possible for you to offer payouts and make payments in BTC yourself.

Diligent support

Our team of skilled engineers are on hand to answer any questions & assist with any issue.

Ready to start accepting Bitcoin payments?

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