The Outcome of Regional Blockchain Summit Portharcourt

On 7th of December, Cointruce was fully represented by some of her team members, Mr. Ezekoma Ugoo, Mr. Udeabor Keneth, Ms Enyinwa Patience and Mr. Anthony at Regional Blockchain Summit in Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, Africa.
The summit had remarkable highlights and was duly represented by different enterprises in the Blockchain and crypto space from Nigeria, Africa and United States of America.
Google, IBM, Facebook, UN and several global companies are already tapping into the potential of Blockchain and cryptocurrency!
It's a fact the crypto market has nose-dived recently, however, such has always been the trend with forex and stock market and this new crypto market isn't different.
As at 13th of December, 2018, Nigerian stock market has continued to fall and investors have been pulling out massively in order to cut loss. The market already shed beyond N27billion as reported by The Guardian
While that is going on, investors are also strategizing on when best to get back in to amass gain when the bull arrives.
Such is the trend of financial markets and crypto market isn't any different.
Gallery from Regional Conference in Port Harcourt.
During  reception 
The audience at the Summit
Some of the Cointruce Representatives
Mr. Ezekoma Ugoo from Cointruce during Panel discussion
The Pannelists at the Summit
Mr. Ezekoma Ugoo from Cointruce during his erudite and impactful presenation at the Summit
Mr. Chimezie Chuta, the Blockchain Summit organiser  during his Key note address at the Summit
Mr. Germaine Ifudu from TLG Ventures (USA)
The Blockchain Team
Mr. Eusebius Echesona driving home his point
Question and Answer session
Group picture at the conclusion of the Summit
Question and Answer period with Cointruce Rep
Rear view of the audience
Authour: Ezekoma Ugoo
About: Crypto currencies Enthusiast and Researcher

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