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"Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way". Tom Freston

As much as we strive to control all variables in the day to day functionality of Cointruce, as a start-up enterprise, we are bound to encounter a few technical challenges of which our support team will always be available to support you all the way. 

In March 2018, we did have one facilitated by a sudden disablement and change of a certain system functionality by Blockchain Team. Recall that the core features of Cointruce was embedded on Blockchain thus we were also affected by this sudden change which was for the security of the users against scams. This change was officially disclosed on 11 April, 2018 in an article titled "Knowing the truth about watch-only addresses can help ensure you don't get scammed by this trend". We were constantly in contact with one their team member through the process.

However, our engineers utilized this window to not just fix the problem, also to broadened our API base in order to forestall any such future occurrence. We are happy to announce that our Cointruce has now a dual Application Program Interface(API)I integration with both Blockchain and the biggest Exchange Platform in United States of America; Coinbase as we strive higher. 


Our objective is to give you more control over your account and all it's amazing features. The "query" feature is best viewed by visiting your Transaction log > then click on > BTC Transactions, under the > Transaction Status, the feature is embedded.  This gives you the control over all off-chain bitcoins transactions done on your account i.e. all bitcoin transactions done between Cointruce and any other global Crypto currency platforms using your bitcoin wallet address could be tracked by you on the Blockchain by using the query button any time.                                 

Cointruce Service Guarantee

May we remind you that right from account creation, sign up, bitcoin storage, bitcoin purchase or sale, sending or receiving btc through a wallet address or through a Cointruce user email address (zero cost and instant), to making bank deposits through your ATM card or bank transfers; all these are automated services delivered on Cointruce. 

It's you and your account alone" No third party! Instant Delivery!

Authour: Frankie
About: Crypto currency Enthusiast

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