New Era of Bitcoin Business

                                                                        “No one can kill an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo

Cointruce: (The Home of bitcoins in Nigeria/Africa) came to life to address the clamor and hunger for improved and better service delivery in the world of digital economy in Nigeria and Africa at large.  The inception of crypto currencies was born of the idea; to send and to receive value round the world, at a lightning speed, yet operating in a decentralized and secured system.  In this scenario, only the sender and the receiver call the shots, safe from the interference of third parties.

This breakthrough in the world of exchange of value which is highly technologically driven is yet to gain expected and massive popularity in Nigeria and Africa at large.  People are fully yet to understand the concept of the transformative blockchain technology  as well as the crypto-currencies. This need and void ushered in a long and careful observation, research, planning and now execution of an antidote which was put together by highly dedicated, result oriented and committed individuals whose life goal is to ensure that the knowledge and dividends of technology is better appreciated and generally obtainable to all and sundry starting from Nigeria to Africa and beyond. This antidote is COINTRUCE.

The concept:

Cointruce has made transaction and storage of bitcoins easy, fast, seamless, reliable and safe.  In order to address these issues of transfer of double value, insecurity, transaction delay, scam, and lack of trust; Cointruce system is integrated with a renowned Know Your Customer  (KYC)  verification for all our clients. We operate a single account system and grant a round the clock service delivery.    

Bearing in mind that man fears that which he does not understand; at Cointruce we have a 24 hours live chat on our website where our seasoned support staff guides our clients in and round our platform and all its functionalities. We also have a dedicated blog from our researchers that keeps all our clients/users abreast with trending global news on bitcoin and crypto currencies at large.

Our clients are encouraged to send us their experiences on our platform through our support email at any time of the day. Cointruce and its staff are ever ready to serve you better.

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Authour: Cointruce Team
About: We are Cointruce: We put your bitcoin related issues behind you!

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