At Cointruce, we call this a “win-win program”.

It is our social responsibility to give back to the society. So Cointruce Affiliate Program (CAP) is a system developed with our customers in mind. We understand the difficult times and as well have had some encounters with a few at our Office and via other media, who crave so to participate in this amazing financial exercise, however had limited resource to do so.

Now just as on Cointruce; your online payments are processed through our sleek and efficient Payment Gateway, “Cointruce Payment”; with the CAP, you earn some commissions from transactional activities of others.

You refer your friends and/or the public by sharing your affiliate link on social networks and encourage them to take purchase actions, then sit back and watch your affiliate dashboard as your commissions spin around.

It’s worthy of note that we train our new clients every Saturdays at our Head office in Abuja as the Company chooses. This is to assist them in making wise investments decisions.

NB: All Affiliate commissions are automatically added to your Wallet Balance as you earn them which you can as well cash out at any moment as you so wish.


These commissions apply only when your referrals have successfully made a deposit and have purchased bitcoin from the company.

They are always automatically added to your Bitcoin Wallet on Cointruce and they can be cashed out or sent out all times to your preferred destination through bitcoin wallet addreses.

How does it work?

  • Sign up/sign in to or through an affiliate link.
  • When successfully logged on to your account, click on your “affiliate Dashboard
  • Then you will be prompted to activate your affiliate features. Kindly activate the features.
  • Then copy your unique affiliate link and share on your social networks, e.g. WhatsApp contacts and groups, Facebook wall and massage, twitter, Instagram. People registered on through this unique affiliate link are assigned under your account for commissions.

Keep the link going round and sit back and watch your commission compound massively!

Authour: Udeabor Ken
About: Crypto currencies Enthusiast and Researcher and one of the pioneers of Cointruce

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