Is Cointruce Exchange for every Cointruce user?

Yes, as long as you can manage the exchange. As a matter of fact, this is where the real deal happens!

  1. Trending Exchange
  2. My Exchange Listings

Features in Cointruce Exchange are;

  1. BTC Price Flow Chart for the past 7 days.
  2. The Real time BTC price.
  3. “Buy” (to list your buy offers.)
  4. “Sell” (to list your sell orders.)
  5. My Orders
  6. Learn to Trade.

How Can I trade on Cointruce Exchange?

This platform is designed in such a way that even a newbie can participate as well as a trade expert.  Cointruce makes sure that it is as simple as it can get and as efficient as it is expected.

How do I trade on Cointruce Exchange?:


1. All users can always buy or sell on Cointruce Exchange as long as one has the required wallet balance to do so.

2. You decide if you outrightly want to just sell or buy bitcoins from already posted orders on the Exchange or you want to post your own orders at your prefered rates for either the system to match them automatically or for other users to exchange instantly. Either way, you get your deal executed.

How do I post an Order on Cointruce Exchange?


  1. Click on either “Sell” or "Buy" button to post.
  2. Type in either the BTC mmount or local currency amount you intend to post on the Exchange. (Either way, the equivalence is always automatically generated for you. Meanwhile, we have designed the system to display your account balance at all times in the same column).
  3. Exchange Mode:  We have Manual Exchange and Auto Exchange.

Manual Excghange:

This is used when one does not want this orders to be automated. When this is chosen, one simply posts orders at a set rate. Thus, it is left on another user  to either exchange it manually for the trade to execute.

Auto Exchange:

This is the opposite of Manual Exchange. This is when one wishes that the  system to does the work for him/her. The system seacches through the listed orders for any corresponding order and when a match is found, it matches  automatically. When this is chosen, you simply post your orders at a set rate and relax as the system does the trading for you easy-peasy! 

4.  Rate Type:  You either choose a “Dynamic Rate” or a “Custom Rate". By “Dynamic Rate” we mean the real-time bitcoin price generated from the Blockchain at every second on the way and by “Custom Rate” we mean the price at which you decide to place your order. It could be higher or lower than the Btc real time price which will remain static.

5. Click on Submit when you are set. Then your  orders  are posted  on the Cointruce Exchange for any interested user to exchange or for the system to automatically find the match and execute.

NB: There is a cap of 0.0001 btc and above which one MUST post. Our system would not accept any less btc amount!

Can I edit my live BTC adverts or orders?

Yes, you can always do that by tracing the orders from Trending Exchanges. Then, click on "edit" to adjust either the Rate or the amount. You can also do that by clicking on “My Exchange Listings” on the Exchange Floor.

Learn To Trade:

Clicking on "Learn to trade" brings you to this page to be able to master the art of trading on Cointruce Excahange.

Is there a charge on the Exchange?

Charge: NEVER. Commission: YES. Cointruce collects only 0.75% of any transaction on  the Exchange only at the completion of the trade. The charges are displayed accordingingly in your transaction log at all times for transparency sake.

Does Exchange work on Real Time?

Yes, it does. Every data is generated from the blockchain on real time basics.

What is “My Exchange Listings”?

This is where all your active orders/adverts are listed for your management and you can decide tpo manage your posting from the Trending exchange by clicking on "edit".

Authour: Ezekoma Ugoo
About: Crypto currencies Enthusiast and Researcher

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